Ditch Outlook and those inbuilt apps

I think it’s important to have a separate calendar and email programme if you are to be focused and productive and reduce stress. And you shouldn’t automatically use the apps that come bundled with your device / tablet / computer as default. Here’s why.

Separate apps mean you can work on your schedule and keep your calendar open all the time, without also having to open your emails. This is the fundamental drawback with Outlook and other programmes that combine email and appointments in one. You want to be able to open and work on your emails at specific times two or three times a day for maximum productivity and minimum stress. So to minimise distractions turn off those email notifications, too. That’s quick to say and do and has a profound impact, too.

It’s also a good idea to explore the most appropriate calendar and email apps for your own needs. Yet so many people stick with the default apps that ship with your device. These aren’t necessarily bad as such, but if like me you’re a maximiser and want to have the best app available to help you achieve your goals then you need to do a little research. And there are lots of articles out there from people who seem to spend all their lives looking at these options… start there and try some out, they’re pretty good and the best ones can help you be more productive. I’ll show how in future posts.

Published by Ian Burbidge

I help teams and organisations develop innovations that have the potential to transform systems.

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