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Getting stuff into Evernote

There are numerous ways of getting information into Evernote; the following are listed in order of frequency with which I think I use them: Google chrome browser plug-in clips web content in various formats – screen grab, full page, simplified article (great for reading) and saves pdfs directly to Evernote. Open a pdf in yourContinue reading “Getting stuff into Evernote”

There are two problems with highlighting notes in your Kindle. Here’s how to solve them.

If, like me, you are becoming increasingly comfortable reading on your kindle – however difficult that journey has been – there are still two problems that arise: How can I easily access and review the notes I’ve highlighted? how can I get these notes out of my Kindle and into other applications without re-keying theContinue reading “There are two problems with highlighting notes in your Kindle. Here’s how to solve them.”

Ditch Outlook and those inbuilt apps

I think it’s important to have a separate calendar and email programme if you are to be focused and productive and reduce stress. And you shouldn’t automatically use the apps that come bundled with your device / tablet / computer as default. Here’s why.

It’s email, but not as we knew it

How many people have received an email from someone asking if you’ve seen their email? Is there anything crazier? That’s just people making work about the work. Time to back up a it before getting back to email…

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